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About Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is an addictive basketball game where you have to shoot the ball into the basket to score points. With challenging levels and exciting gameplay, Dunk Shot is perfect for basketball fans of all ages. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and realistic physics engine as you try to beat your high score and become a Dunk Shot champion.

How To Play Dunk Shot

  1. To play Dunk Shot, tap and hold the screen to charge up your shot.
  2. Release your finger to shoot the ball towards the basket.
  3. Adjust the angle and trajectory of your shot to score points.
  4. Each successful shot will earn you points and move you closer to the next level.
  5. Be careful not to miss your shot or the game will be over!
  6. Use your skills and strategy to score as many points as possible and become a Dunk Shot legend.

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