Air wars 3 multiplayer game

Air Wars 3 is an exciting multiplayer game that allows players to take to the skies and engage in aerial combat. Here’s an overview of the game:

Gameplay: In Air Wars 3, players can choose from a variety of aircraft and engage in dogfights with other players in real-time multiplayer battles. Players can also team up with other pilots to take on challenging missions and objectives. Each aircraft has its own unique stats, and players can customize their loadout to suit their playstyle.

Missions: Air Wars 3 features a variety of missions for players to complete, ranging from simple tasks like shooting down enemy planes to more complex objectives like capturing enemy bases or escorting friendly aircraft. Each mission has its own unique challenges and rewards, and players can earn experience and unlock new aircraft as they progress through the game.

Maps: Air Wars 3 features multiple maps for players to battle on, each with its own unique terrain and tactical considerations. Players must use their aircraft’s speed, agility, and weapons to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents.

Communication: Communication is key in Air Wars 3’s multiplayer mode. Players can communicate with their teammates through a built-in chat feature, allowing for coordinated attacks and defense strategies.

Overall, Air Wars 3’s multiplayer mode offers thrilling and engaging gameplay for fans of aerial combat games. With a variety of aircraft, missions, and maps, players can enjoy endless hours of competitive multiplayer action.


  • Mouse / left-click = aim / shoot
  • C or right-click = cockpit view
  • W or up arrow key= boost speed
  • AD or left and right arrow keys = turn
  • S = slow down
  • Esc = menu
  • P = toggle advanced graphics